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6 x 5 Litre Cans Extra Virgin Olive Oil


High quality extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany. Unfiltered bio standard.

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5 Litre Can Olive Oil

6 x (5 Litre Can Olive Oil) – For olive oil lovers that can’t bare to be without! Make sure you have enough in reserve and order our 6 pack of 5L cans of quality olive oil. This oil is from our 2019 harvest in Tuscany, Italy. Still green and grassy from the mill, our oil in 2019 had an acidity of just 0.34 and 0.4 (IGP Toscana), which makes it an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of exceptional quality. Perfect for salads and cooking. Our oil is unfiltered which means sediment will settle to the bottom of the can. The sediment is great for frying eggs and bacon!. You can of course tip the can upside down before using if you don’t want the sediment to develop.
You’re unlikely to find a better quality oil in the UK. We’ve kept Nour prices down but can now longer afford to include shipping. Now shipping direct to Europe only.

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