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49° Sagra Dell’Alta Maremma

49° Sagra Dell’Alta Maremma

Two short videos from a recent village festival I visited at Civitella Marittima. A very pretty village, full of life, I hadn’t visited before despite passing it many times on my way to Siena or Montalcino. When I saw the poster for this event, the 49th Sagra, it read ‘Benedizione dei Caretti!’. Usually there would be a benedizione dei Chiuci, before a donkey Palio but a ‘Benedizione dei caretti?’, I had to see. And I’m glad I did visit, for this town’s speciality, is kart racing! A total surprise for me. It is a very pretty medieval town that still seems very active with a thriving community. The Festa itself had a vintage mountain bike rally, a vintage machinery rally, traditional games that were played in the streets as well as live music throughout the village and of course food which was laid on after the kart race. The video above is the Sagra itself. Unfortunately I arrived late and only caught the end of the kart race and was just in time for the feast!
Check out the Ape’s being put to great use. What would these towns do without these great little vehicles??
While the video below is a longer version of some locals singing, for those that like a traditional sing song. These boys do! Especially the chap who is 93 years young.

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