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Our Olive Harvest 2018

Our Olive Harvest 2018

This years harvest had a lot of everything, a LOT of olives, a LOT of bad weather and NOT a lot of time to collect bring all the olives in, but thankfully, we did have LOTS of lovely willing hands to make it small work.
Things started pleasantly enough with long days of 27 C sunshine in the first week but the calm quickly turned to turmoil as the storm clouds rolled in.
At times we slid in the mud as we moved the nets from tree to tree and ran for cover as the next rain shower came in!
Moisture is your enemy when it comes to harvesting olives and it’s very important to get the olives to the mill as soon as possible to retain their quality.

From dawn to dusk the olive collecting never ceases

From dawn to dusk the olive collecting never ceases.

Being an olive farmer is not all dozing in the shade of an olive tree while your olives ripen and fall to the ground, then easy picking in the gentle glow of ‘end of summer’ sunshine.

An Olive Farmer

For some (the harvest) is a more curious activity.

Some of our crazy pickers
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