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2017 Poggio Piero Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil – now Sold Out

2017 Poggio Piero Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil – now Sold Out
Update – oil from the 2017 harvest is now out of stock.

Now in stock (just about) this is the result of our 2017 hand-picked olive harvest, a fabulous quality olive oil with a free acidity of just 0.18 that makes it an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of exceptional quality. We like to call it ‘Extra-extra’ virgin olive oil.

Perfect for salads and cooking. Our oil is unfiltered which means, if left to settle, sediment will collect at the bottom of the bottle or can. You can turn the container over to prevent it settling or, let it settle and use the oily residue at the end for perfect fried eggs or bacon with added amazing olive flavour!

Types of olive trees at Poggio Piero:


Grown all across Italy, but believed to have originated in Tuscany, this is one of the most popular olive varieties in the world. As an oil, these olives produce an extremely mild flavor and golden color.  The finished oil is often blended with other oils to create a more robust flavor. If you’ve had Tuscan oil, you’ve almost certainly sampled Leccino, as it is extremely popular in this region.


Second to Leccino, Frantoio olives are some of the most common in Italy, especially in Tuscany. These olives are fruity and leave a stronger aftertaste than the mild Leccino olives. The oil is an intense green, with a buttery finish. Frequently Frantoio and other light oils are blended together, which creates something soft, pleasant, and easy to cook with oil.


Another olive that originated in Tuscany, these olive trees grow in central Italy, throughout Tuscany and Umbria. When the olives are picked they, are a vivid black-violet color. After pressing, the Moraiolo oil is bitter and spicy and is wonderful for adding extra flavor to blends. Moraiolo is most often found mixed with other oil types from the same region including, Frantoio and Leccino, which creates a delicious, flavorful and multidimensional product.

We don’t spray pesticides or herbicides or irrigate our trees which means we are at the whims of the weather and what nature throws at us! Which can mean the crop can vary hugely from year to year. We like to cultivate to organic standards but we don’t label it as organic as we are not certified – my dad never got round to it!

You’re unlikely to find a better quality oil in the UK. For deliveries to Borough of Hackney in London enter the word ‘Hackney’ to the coupon code at the checkout for 20% discount or contact us directly to make arrangements for cash on delivery.

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