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Poggio Piero Olive Harvest 2017

Poggio Piero Olive Harvest 2017

Last year’s olive harvest was my first but almost the 20th since my father took over Poggio Piero and planted more trees in the grove in around 2004. We now have 700 trees of varying age from perhaps hundreds of years to just 15 years.
What had looked like being a poor crop turned out being not too bad at all. Above all the quality of the olives was extremely good. The timing of our pick meant we had high resin with low acidity, which means we have an extremely fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ‘Extra-extra’ as I like to call it.
Our olives are cultivated by hand, managing the trees and the olive harvest itself are extremely labour intensive.
With the aid of my brilliant cousins from Switzerland and an enthusiastic friend Barny without whom the harvest wouldn’t have been possible, we managed to get almost all the olives in (there are always a few left on the branches!).
The oil is wonderful green when it comes back from the mill as it’s unfiltered. We like to keep as much of the goodness from the olive as possible. It’s not to everyone’s taste as people are used to seeing a clear oil on supermarket shelves. With time the resin settles to the bottom of the can giving you just clear oil until you get to the bottom where the sediment has settled. The sediment is perfect for frying. Lots of flavour!
Head to the shop or contact me if you’re interested in buying some.

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