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Auguri 2001

Auguri 2001
Auguri 2001

Here we are now, here we have been since May this year. (see picture) The entire group is settling in nicely 

From Switzerland:
1. Esther
2. René
3. Gatto
4. Tosca

From Mexico:
5. Pancho
6. Citta

From Chile:
7. Dana
8. Almendra
9. Brocco (Born in Italy)
12. Ines
13. Evita
15. Into
16. Fortunato (Born in Italy)

From Peru:
10. Puna
11. Dolores
14. Emily

From US:
17. John Deere

And various others, incl. pumpkins from all over the world (no numbers).

Hopefully there will be (lots) more.

The picture tells the basic story, all the details would fill a book. You may either imagine them, or just consider some of these: >5 tonnes of grapes harvested and some red and white wine maturing in the cellar; 2 tonnes of olives harvested and brought to the mill; >6,000,000 rocks picked out of fields and garden (765,576,333 to go); numerous visits by, and to, the vet; not a single trip to the beach; pumpkins turned into soup; kakis turned into jam; setting up of an Italian alpaca association, etc., etc., …………………

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Photographer and some time publisher - or is it the other way around? Often seen around east london and further afield (Italy) with main man Rudy the bulldog @Rudybulldog (keeps me sane), love cycling, F1 (increasingly less so) and Liverpool fan but don't hold that against me.

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