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Auguri 2017

Auguri 2017
Auguri 2017 card

René Robert Steiger
13.9.1938 – 23.11.2016

2016, Hier sein letzter Gruss

Mitten im Leben, mitten in den Vorbereitungen fuer die traditionellen Neujahrsgruesse, hat Renés Herz, fùr Alle voellig unerwartet, aufgehoert zu schlagen.

Wir vermissen ihn sehr

Esther Ramseier
Moritz und Sam Steiger
Marcelle Burkhardt-Steiger
Georgette Kuechler-Steiger

Che Guevarra

Above all, try always to be able to feel deeply any injustice committed against any person in any part of the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary. – Che Guevara

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Photographer and some time publisher - or is it the other way around? Often seen around east london and further afield (Italy) with main man Rudy the bulldog @Rudybulldog (keeps me sane), love cycling, F1 (increasingly less so) and Liverpool fan but don't hold that against me.

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