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Auguri 2016

Auguri 2016
Auguri 2016

2015, in contrast to the year before, was a year of good harvests of both olives and grapes. End of climate change?

Most probably not! We actually lived through some rather extreme climatic events, e.g. a storm in spring as never seen before, an August so hot and dry it made some of the nursing alpacas dry up (and reduced the milk production of cows in general). At least these two events were of an intensity probably never seen before in this area.

The olive oil was and is of very good quality and the grapes had a high sugar content. This should result in a rather drinkable wine. For some reason or other the pumpkin harvest once more was zero. Possibly for the same reason weeds are growing in ever increasing abundance, and ants appear to thrive more than ever. Is the ant kingdom finally taking over?

Esthers new hip appears to work well, the farmer on the other hand could do with much more than a new hip.


We once again wish you the very best for 2016 and way beyond!

ESTHER, RENÉ, LULU, and 52 ALPACAS (and ……. billion ants)


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Photographer and some time publisher - or is it the other way around? Often seen around east london and further afield (Italy) with main man Rudy the bulldog @Rudybulldog (keeps me sane), love cycling, F1 (increasingly less so) and Liverpool fan but don't hold that against me.

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