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Auguri 2014

Auguri 2014
Auguri 2014

2013, a year of bumper harvests of olives and grapes, but also one of increasingly greying hair.

YES! Climatic conditions favoured an olive harvest of sofar unknown quantities, albeit with a comparatively low oil production (quantity over quality with regard to the olives, the oil itself is first class). The grapes appear to be turning into pleasant white and red wines. On the animal front: some sad losses, some increasingly grey fur, some broken legs, and some wonderful newborns. On the vegetable front: plenty of red hot peppers, one lonely pumpkin. On the people front: some completely grey hair, and hopefully some little grey cells left underneath.


We once again wish you the very best for 2014 and far beyond!



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Photographer and some time publisher - or is it the other way around? Often seen around east london and further afield (Italy) with main man Rudy the bulldog @Rudybulldog (keeps me sane), love cycling, F1 (increasingly less so) and Liverpool fan but don't hold that against me.

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